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Riverhead Criminal Defense Lawyer

Expert Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving Riverhead, NY

My name is Edward Palermo and I am a highly-successful Riverhead Criminal Lawyer Lawyer with over three decades of experience. I handle the most serious felony cases as well as misdemeanors and DWI cases. I have an outstanding track record and I am here to help. If you or a loved one needs a Riverhead Criminal Lawyer, please do not hesitate to call me.

A Riverhead Criminal Defense Lawyer Known For Client Satisfaction

Over the years, I have built a history of client satisfaction and industry recognition. I take pride in my success as a Riverhead Criminal Lawyer. I was recently honored by being named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Criminal Lawyers for the third straight year! I also hold a “Superb” rating of 10/10 from the independent, highly-regarded lawyer directory AVVO.

I’ve also been selected by The National Association of Distinguished Counsel to the Top One Percent of Lawyers in the entire nation! I provide the highest level of professionalism and personal attention to each and every one of my clients.

  • Will I go to jail?  
  • Will I be placed on probation?
  • Will I have a permanent criminal record?
  • Will I lose my license?
  • What happens when I go to court?
  • How long will the court process last?
  • How can I find the best lawyer to defend me?

Contact me today and I can answer these questions for you!

Riverhead Criminal Lawyer With Top Ratings

Facing a criminal charge can be scary, and I know you have a lot of questions. The first thing you need to do is relax. Take a deep breath. I know how stressful criminal charges can be. But I’m a firm believer in putting things into perspective. You have merely been ACCUSED of committing a crime. The Presumption of Innocence is the bedrock of our criminal justice system. I will make sure that it is given to you!

Hiring the right criminal attorney is so crucial to a positive outcome. I have been in the criminal law trenches in Suffolk County, Nassau County and New York City for the last 30 years! A lot of lawyers with general practices will dabble in criminal law. Avoid them at all costs. A criminal case is much too serious to leave in the hands of a non-specialist. No matter what your case is, or what’s involved, it won’t surprise me. I have seen it all.

I’ve forged honorable relationships with both judges and prosecutors. These relationships are incredibly important when it comes to criminal cases. I value them as an asset when representing my clients. I am a Riverhead Criminal Lawyer with the professional connections and concentrated experience to get you the positive outcome you need.

Edward Palermo is Here For You

Any questions that you have, I will answer. I will explain the criminal charges you face as well as potential strategies to win your case! New clients ALWAYS feel better after meeting with me. Information and knowledge are power. After meeting with me, you will fully know and understand the legal concepts involved in your case. You will also realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I will guide you there.

My experience as a Riverhead Criminal Lawyer is beyond extensive. I have represented thousands of defendants in criminal and driving while intoxicated cases in both Suffolk County and Nassau County courts.

I will create the necessary strategy to defend you in your case. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to a criminal lawyer. Trust your case to a Riverhead Criminal Lawyer who is confident, aggressive and experienced.

Edward Palermo Will Vigorously Defend You!

There is no Riverhead Criminal Lawyer who fights harder than I do. My clients are everything to my practice. I treasure them and truly appreciate that they retain me to defend them in matters of such importance. I will do everything in my power to get you a positive result. Nothing will deter me from my goal of providing you with a successful defense to your criminal case. I am the Riverhead Criminal Lawyer to retain when you need results. Don’t hire the family lawyer for your criminal case. You need a criminal defense lawyer with the experience and talent to get the result that you need.

I am a Riverhead Criminal Lawyer that has handled all levels of criminal cases, from murder cases to misdemeanor DWI cases. I have handled hundreds of drunk driving cases. No case is too big and no case is too small. I will give the same 100% effort whether your case is high-profile or a simple misdemeanor. And that’s because I truly love what I do.

Edward Palermo Is Always Available For His Clients

I give my personal cell phone number to all of my clients so that they can contact me at any time. A client who knows that his lawyer is available for them and not hiding behind a secretary or legal assistant is a happy client. It’s my privilege to resolve my client’s case so favorably that I have a client for life. I pride myself on being a Riverhead Criminal Lawyer who is always directly available to his clients.

A Riverhead Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Is Hands-On With All Clients

I have never taken on more criminal cases than I can handle at a time. While I have a support staff which is always available to my clients, I’m the attorney who will personally resolve and take your case to trial if necessary. I’ve seen several so-called criminal lawyers practice in volume, taking case after case – biting off more than they can chew so to speak. Criminal lawyers who approach their practice like this cannot give a fraction of the level of service I provide my clients.

Very often, clients will retain me to handle their case after they’ve started off with another attorney. These clients have shown great appreciation for the attention and concentrated effort I bring to the table for them. When you hire Edward Palermo, you get Edward Palermo. I’m direct, one-on-one, and will never hand off your case to another partner of my staff as many attorneys do. You don’t deserve that. You deserve one attorney who can handle your case with flying colors – not a slew of them. This approach to criminal law leaves clients confused, stressed out and worried that they won’t get the legal representation they initially entrusted with their case. That simply won’t happen with me.

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I was selected to the Nation’s Top One Percent by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel, a national association of lawyers. According to the NADC, all selections to the Top One Percent are vetted by a research team, a blue ribbon panel of attorneys and a judicial review board. “By virtue of the incredible selectivity of our appointment process, only the top one percent of attorneys in the United States are awarded membership in the NADC.”

Selection to the Top One Percent is a tremendous honor. As a Riverhead Criminal Lawyer, inclusion with the select few prominent lawyers in this association is pretty exciting for me. I continue to give the same level of professional service which has enabled my choice into this prestigious organization of lawyers. Contact me today!