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What Should I Look for When Hiring a Suffolk County DWI Lawyer on Long Island?

There are a few things to look for when considering which Suffolk County DWI Lawyer to retain:

The first thing is experience. Some attorneys are “jack of all trades” lawyers who will handle cases from many different areas of law including DWI defense. I do not recommend hiring general practitioners as they do not have substantial experience focusing on DWI law. Instead, I recommend hiring an attorney that focuses mainly on DWI defense.

Also, experience in the area where your case is based, is critical. My DWI defense law practice is devoted almost entirely to Suffolk and Nassau counties. 90% of the cases I handle are on Long Island, and over the years I have been in every court and forged relationships in every area.

It is a good idea to meet with the attorney and see if you are comfortable with them on a personal level. Since covid I have done this telephonically and with technology such as Facetime. As we move through this difficult time, I look forward to more in-person time with my clients.

A good DWI defense attorney needs to be a good communicator, and it should be easy for you to build a rapport with them so you are comfortable with them representing you. They should also be straightforward and be transparent about fees, costs and what to expect for the next steps.

Finally, reputation is key for helping you decide who to hire. Recommendations from friends or family is a good place to start. Even if you don’t have a personal recommendation there are plenty of places to look online for reviews. Avvo, Google, are all good resources for online reviews. Take the time to read why an attorney received a good or bad review to determine what it really is like should you hire them.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Suffolk County DWI Attorney?

Each attorney bases their fees on several factors, the first being the severity of the charge. The more serious the charge, the more work that is going to be involved in the case and ultimately the more it will cost you. The fees the attorney may charge though will vary. One attorney might be cheaper, but this could actually be a red flag. The cheaper option could also indicate that the attorney is not as experienced or well-versed in the circumstances you are facing for your DWI defense case. Quality representation should be the main concern when finding the best Suffolk County DWI Lawyer.
Additionally, most Suffolk County DWI Lawyers charge in one of three ways. An hourly rate, a fee per court appearance or a flat rate for the whole case. Most attorneys will have two fees depending on how far the case progresses. One if the charge is resolved as a plea bargain before trial, and one if the case needs to go to trial. Personally, I charge a flat rate for all of my clients. So my clients know exactly what to expect to pay if the case is worked out in a plea bargain as well as how much it would cost if the case goes to trial

How do I Win my DWI Case?

The most important thing to do is hire an experienced Suffolk County DWI lawyer with a very strong background in favorably resolving DWI cases. This fact can not be stressed enough. DWI is a very discreet area of law with specific prosecutors, judges and other court resources devoted to it. Your attorney must be thoroughly familiar with these people and places in order to navigate you to the best possible resolution. Do your homework and only higher an attorney who concentrates his practice in defending those accused of DWI. I am proud of my track record of reducing DWI charges to non-criminal dispositions as well as obtaining dismissals by motion and after trial, when necessary.

Should I Have Submitted to the Breath Test?

This answer requires nuance. It really depends on the scenario. Did you consume alcohol before driving? If yes, what type of alcohol and what quantity? Were you involved in a motor vehicle accident or stopped for some other reason? Were you stopped a a police check-point? Have you been arrested before for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Has your license previously been suspended in the last five years for any other reason?
Rest assured, no matter whether you submitted to the test or refused, I will develop a tailored strategy to favorably resolve your case and get you back on the road as soon as possible. When I talk to a new client, I have them answer the above questions and I then discuss the next steps to move their case in a positive direction. I am often able to lay out the road map for success early in the representation. This decisiveness always makes my client feel less stressed and confident about the future outcome to his or her case.

Why should you only hire an attorney who concentrates in DWI cases?

When I first started practicing 28 years ago I felt that I could win every case that I handled. I quickly learned the value of day in and day out experience. Not only do we live in a world with many laws and rules, the professionals who enforce those rules (judges, prosecutors and court personnel ) are all individuals with the same personality variations that we all have. There is no way to be the best Suffolk County DWI Lawyer until you have spent many years in the trenches with the Judges, lawyers and court personnel who handle these matters.
My experience has brought me to the point where I can assess the facts of a case and my client’s background efficiently to develop not only a legal strategy, but what I like to call a “personal strategy”. Simply put, my personal strategy is my decision making about not only how to approach and negotiate with prosecutors, but also which supervising prosecutor to approach based on my assessment of my client, their case and their background. I could never have done this with the level of efficiency I now possess, when I first started practicing. The years of day-in and day-out experience have honed my skills and allowed me to be one of the most successful attorneys practicing DWI defense in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

I’ve been charged with a crime, Is my reputation ruined?

No! This is often the most critical issue for any client. Our reputation in society is extremely important! I will show you that an allegation does not equal guilt. I am acutely sensitive to my client’s need to protect his/her reputation. My client’s reputation and freedom are my main concerns and I have many proven strategies to make sure both are fully protected.

I’ve been charged with a Leandra’s Law felony for driving under the influence with my child in my car. What can I do?

Leandra’s Law DWI offenses carry potential long-term incarceration in state’s prison as a penalty. This does not mean that you will be sentenced to jail time. It is in these situations that the skill and experience of the Suffolk County DWI Lawyer you hire is critical. I avoid jail for my clients in the overwhelming majority of cases I handle. Even in cases where jail time seems certain, I have often found the way to avoid it. I will do everything in my power to keep you or your loved one out of jail.

I’ve been charged with a FELONY DWI !! what can I do to avoid jail??

Now, more than ever, you need the best Suffolk County DWI Lawyer that you can find. Having handled approximately 500 plus DWI cases, many of which were felonies, I am aware and know how to take advantage of various strategies to get you a favorable result. I will develop a plan that we will execute together to insure you get the best result. Many of my clients who were in a similar position to you, were able to achieve a winning result- no criminal record!

I have a new DWI charge, can I represent myself?

While everyone does have the right to self representation, I strongly recommend that you hire an experienced and talented Suffolk County DWI lawyer. DWI charges could have lasting ramifications and the best way to protect yourself is to hire the best Suffolk County DWI lawyer that you can find. I have been voted best lawyer on Long Island for three consecutive years and always enjoy meeting new clients and helping them reach a favorable result in their case. Don’t hesitate to text or call me directly at (631) 903-3733