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DWI Resource Page

DWI Resource Page

This DWI Resource page is a work in progress. I plan on adding useful links her on a regular basis. The links will be to relevant information on Suffolk County DWI issue as well as links to attorneys around the country who also practice DWI defense. I find that people charged with DWI often want to educate themselves on the law and this area and I certainly want to help and would welcome any questions you may have.

For great, organized information on penalties for DWI related convictions, here is the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle’s page.

Here is the Wiki page entry for Leandra’s Law.  It is important to understand the impetus behind the strict penalties for driving under the influence with children in the vehicle.

You and the Drunk Driving Laws is another great DWI resource which is a great read for anyone interested not only in the DWI law but the strict nature of penalties for convictions.

DWI lawyers in other parts of the country.  The lawyers and law firms listed here are included as a DWI resource only.  I provide them only for information purposes and do not mean to imply any relationship to or endorsement of any of the attorneys listed on this DWI resource page.

1.  Colorado-  Jim Forslund and Gary Pareja

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