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Hello, my name is Edward Palermo and I am proud to say that I am a Long Island Criminal Lawyer with more than 27 years of Criminal defense experience.  I have personally handled well over 1000 criminal cases.  I believe in a client first mentality and fully respect and cherish the ability to help individuals who are charged with criminal conduct.

As a Long Island Criminal Lawyer, I strive to make certain to achieve the best possible result for my clients.  My only objective when accepting a case is to do my very best to achieve success for my client.  If you or a loved one has a criminal charge and need help, look no further, Edward Palermo is a Long Island Criminal Lawyer who can achieve the results you need!

Long Island Criminal Lawyer, Edward Palermo

Edward Palermo Voted Best Lawyer

Long Island Criminal Lawyer voted Best Lawyer on Long Island for 2019, 2020 and 2021!

I pride myself on my success as a Long Island Criminal Lawyer.  I am the go to choice when client’s need favorable results to their Criminal Case. I was honored by being named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Criminal Lawyers for the third straight year! I also maintain the highest rating available from AVVO – “10/10 Superb”.

I was also honored to be voted BEST LAWYER ON LONG ISLAND for 2019, 2020 and 2021 in the Bethpage Federal Credit Union’s “Best of L.I.”! Please scroll down to see examples of the results I have achieved for my clients.  Please also watch the video of me on this page.

Additionally, The National Association of Distinguished Counsel selected me to the Top One Percent of Lawyers in the nation! I provide the highest level of professionalism and personal service to each of my clients.  Edward Palermo, Long Island Criminal Lawyer, is ready to protect and guide you through the difficult process involved with being charged with criminal conduct.

My practice has been built on a foundation of success and satisfied clients.  My life revolves around my clients and their ultimate satisfaction.  Many may call themselves Long Island Criminal Lawyers but very few can point to such a long, sustained track-record of client results.

When facing a  permanent criminal record and possible incarceration, second best will not do.  My clients are individuals who care about their reputation and freedom.  They are individuals who will settle for no less than Edward Palermo, Long Island Criminal Lawyer.

My only desire is the BEST POSSIBLE RESOLUTION for my client.  Nothing deters me from obtaining this outcome.  I believe that helping my clients gain their lives back is my life’s calling.  I will relieve your fears during our first conversion as I discuss how I will protect and defend you.

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Arrested For A DWI? You Probably Have A Number Of Questions:

  • Will I go to jail?  
  • Will I be placed on probation?
  • Will I have a permanent criminal record?
  • Will I lose my license?
  • What happens when I go to court?
  • How long will the court process last?
  • How can I find the best lawyer to defend me?

Contact me today and I can answer these questions for you!

Long Island Criminal Lawyer Edward Palermo is here to help you

Long Island Criminal Lawyer

Member Of The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers

As a Long Island Criminal Lawyer, I hear these questions and many others every day. I understand the stress and anxiety occasioned by criminal charges.  I believe that it is extremely important for clients to know that they have a lawyer capable of protecting them.  When you first speak to me will will immediately know that I will help you.  My objective in our first conversation is to communicate to you that I am here to get you through this and protect your freedom and reputation.  You will be able to breath again after we speak with full knowledge that you have the right attorney representing you.

A Long Island Criminal Lawyer must have a good working with relationship with prosecutors and judges.

I have been able to nurture relationships with the judges and prosecutors that handle criminal matters on Long Island.  The knowledge of these individuals is invaluable to a criminal lawyer. The ability to apply the right strategy often depends on knowledge of the parties involved in my client’s case.  You need a Long Island Criminal Lawyer with the knowledge and close working relationships to get the most favorable result to your case.

Long Island Criminal Lawyer Edward Palermo will review your case and fashion your defense strategy

A winning strategy is important to a successful outcome.  I will learn about every facet of your case and will then fashion a strategy specific to the facts in your case and your background in order to achieve a favorable result for you.  Even during our first meeting I will show you how I plan to bring your case to a successful outcome.  Clients always feel relieved after their first meeting with me.  I am a Long Island Criminal Lawyer that will always find the best strategy to defend my clients.

Huntington DWI Lawyer

Long Island Criminal Lawyer Edward Palermo Will Vigorously Defend You!

Suffolk County DWI Lawyer

Chosen to Top One Percent in Nation

You will not find a Long Island Criminal Lawyer working harder or smarter for their clients than me.  My clients are treasured and I am honored when they choose me to represent them.  I will always provide my clients with a zealous and aggressive defense.  Finding the best outcome for my client  is my only concern. My practice has been built on my client’s satisfaction.

I have handled high profile case including complex federal matters, homicides and and DWI fatality matters but no matter the seriousness or profile of your case, you will always get my undivided attention and best efforts.  No case is too big or too small.


Long Island Criminal Lawyer Edward Palermo Is Always Available For Clients

I give me cell number to all of my clients.  I am always just a text away if needed.  My clients all feel better knowing this.  A lawyer who uses staff as buffers can not provide the quality of service necessary to defend criminal charges.

This website is a resource for anyone in need of criminal representation. It allows someone charged with a crime to find an experienced Long Island Criminal Lawyer.  I am always happy to meet a new client through my website. So please do not hesitate to call me. I look forward to hearing from you and will do everything in my power to get you a favorable result.  I am a Long Island Criminal Lawyer with 27 plus years of experience and success.

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Long Island Criminal Lawyer Edward Palermo Named TOP ONE PERCENT in the Nation!

The National Association of Distinguished Counsel selected me for membership to the Nation’s Top One Percent. The NADC is a national association of lawyers. According to the NADC, all selections to the Top One Percent are vetted by a research team, a blue ribbon panel of attorneys and a judicial review board. “By virtue of the incredible selectivity of our appointment process, only the top one percent of attorneys in the United States are awarded membership in the NADC.”

Selection to the Top One Percent is a tremendous honor. As a Long Island Criminal Lawyer, inclusion with the select few prominent lawyers in this association is exciting for me. I look forward continuing to give the same level of service which enabled my choice to this prestigious organization of lawyers.

Notable DWI Representations:

  • Client charged with aggravated DWI. As a financial professional, client’s career was in jeopardy.  The Suffolk County District Attorney VERY RARELY agrees to reduce such a charge because of the elevated Blood Alcohol Content finding by police. Long Island Criminal Lawyer Edward Palermo negotiated a favorable resolution which lead to the reduction of the aggravated DWI to a simple traffic infraction. Client’s future career was secured.
  • Medical Doctor charged with DWI in Suffolk County. Long Island Criminal Lawyer Edward Palermo obtains reduction to traffic infraction to preserve Doctor’s career.
  • Client charged with DWI inSuffolk County.  Case involved an allegation of a preliminary breath test of .18 (more than twice the legal limit) Edward was able to obtain a reduction after trial to a simple traffic violation.
  • A Pennsylvania business man charged with DWI in Suffolk County. Long Island Criminal Lawyer Edward Palermo negotiates a reduced charge of only a single traffic violation.
  • Client, a teacher in Connecticut is charged with aggravated DWI after his vehicle was involved in a motor vehicle collision in Nassau County.  Long Island Criminal Lawyer Edward Palermo sets the matter for trial and obtains a dismissal of all charges.
  • Long Island Criminal Lawyer Edward Palermo represents a Long Island woman charged with a DWI with elevated blood alcohol reading allegation. Edward obtains dismissal of all charges before trial.
  • Edward represents successful NYC real estate broker on DWI allegation on Shelter Island.  Edward once again achieves a dismissal of all charges before trial.
  • Suffolk County DWI Lawyer Edward Palermo represented a client in DWI matter involving an accident and an alleged .20 blood alcohol content based upon a preliminary breath test administered by the arresting officer.  Edward scheduled the matter for trial and the client was found not guilty of the driving while intoxicated misdemeanor.

Long Island Criminal Lawyer Who Maintains A Manageable Caseload & Is Hands-On With All Clients.

I never accept more criminal cases than I can personally. I am the Long Island Criminal Lawyer who will personally resolve or take your case to trial. Many Long Island criminal lawyers practice in volume, taking on as many cases as possible. These lawyers can not give anywhere near the level of service that I provide to each of my clients.

Notable Criminal Case Results:

  • Edward represented a Suffolk County man charged with multiple felonies carrying up to 25 years if convicted.  The prosecutor offered 15 years and Edward rejected the offer and set the matter for trial. The trial lasted a month with 15 witnesses, including 3 experts, called to testify.  The jury needed only 4 hours to acquit Edward’s client of all charges.  The case was reported in Newsday.
  • Edward represented a Baruch College student charged in a DWI and leaving the scene fatality. The charges carried a sentence of up to 11 years in State’s prison.  Edward negotiate a favorable disposition wherein the client avoided any state imprisonment time.  The case was covered in the cities major newspapers including the New York Times, New York Post and the New York Daily News.
  • Edward represented two brothers charged with Rape in the First Degree in Suffolk County.  Long Island Criminal Lawyer Edward Palermo scheduled the matter for trial.  Each client faced up to 25 years in prison if convicted. The brothers were found not guilty of all charges.
  • Edward Palermo represented a man charged with a violent second degree burglary.  The client faced the 3 strikes rule an potential life imprisonment if convicted.  The matter was set for trial and  Edward convinced a Suffolk County Jury to acquit the defendant of the burglary charge.  The client was immediately released from prison after having been held in custody on high bail for 8 months awaiting trial.
  • Edward Palermo represented a client on first degree armed robbery charges.  Edward once again convinced a Long Island Jury to acquit his client of all charges.
  • Edward represented a Long Island business man accused of second degree sodomy. The client faced up to 7 years imprisonment.  Edward tried the case and gained a dismissal of the sodomy charges.
  • Edward Palermo represented a research medical doctor at Stony Brook University on a leaving the scene of accident case with a fatality.  Edward convince the Supreme Court Justice to sentence his client to probation only over the strenuous objection of the prosecutor.
  • Edward Palermo represented a man charged with criminal possession of marijuana in the first degree and criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree in the Suffolk County Supreme Court. Edward was hired after bail was set at a million dollars with the man’s prior counsel. The client faced upwards of a decade in State prison if convicted of the charges. Edward, first, reargued bail and successfully lowered the amount to $400,000, which the client posted. He then successfully motioned the Court to dismiss the marijuana charge. Finally, he negotiated a very favorable disposition to a misdemeanor where the client received no jail and no probation. The District Attorney’s Office also agreed to return a large sum of cash that was seized from the client at the time of his arrest. The client then advised Edward that he was “his attorney for life”.
  • Edward has successfully represented hundreds of other clients. His passion for helping the underdog is unmatched. He is ready to help you or a loved one.

Remember that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Call Edward Palermo today for a free consultation.

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